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About Gizmo

J "Gizmo" Hall is a professional pickleball player who strives to grow the sport by being an ambassador for the next generation of players. He is focused on teaching the sport to at-risk youth, as well as providing motivational speaking. He has started traveling to Juvenile Detention Centers around the country to tell his story, teach, and play pickleball with the kids.


Gizmo is based in Goldvein Virginia with his wife and two children, where they founded the non-profit Pickleball Farm. The goal of the farm is to provide the youth and families of the community the opportunity to learn where our food comes from, how to garden, how to fish, and of course, how to play pickleball. All crops grown at Pickleball Farm are donated to the local food banks.


Gizmo travels the country playing in pickleball tournaments, teaching adult and kids clinics, and speaking to youth. He is active on social media platforms - sharing an inside look at the pickleball world, updating on non-profit endeavors, and spreading awareness of mental health issues. 


Weapon of Choice

  • Players Rogue2 Gizmo Signature Paddle

Notable Tournament Wins

(in no specific order)

  • 2021 US Open  / Mixed Wheelchair Hybrid 4.0+ / Gold

  • 2020 Virginia Classic / Men's Doubles 5.0 / Gold  

  • Winner/ Men's Singles 4.5 / Gold / Men's Doubles 4.5 / Gold  Mixed Doubles 4.0 / Gold

  • 2020 California Open/ Men's 4.5 Doubles / Gold; Mixed 4.5 / Bronze; Singles 5.0 / Gold

  • 2020 Desert Pickleball Classic at PDR / Men's 4.5 Doubles / Silver; Singles / 4.5 / Gold

  • 2020 USAPA Southwest Regional Championships / Men's 4.5 Doubles / Silver

  • 2019 Sharing the Love Tournament / Mixed Doubles 4.5 / Silver; Men's Doubles 4.5 / Silver

  • 2018 West Virginia Crossroads Tournament / Men's Doubles 5.0 / Gold


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